Catherine L. Igou
Assistant Vice President, Personal Banker

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Tyrone Location
916 Pennsylvania Avenue
Tyrone, PA 16686

Phone: Phone:1-814-684-3811
Fax: 1-814-684-5665

NMLS#: 730250

Personal Banker, Cathy Igou, Specializes in:

Get to Know More About Cathy Igou

Born and raised in Tyrone, Cathy offers 41 years experience in the banking industry. She is always excited to help individuals achieve their dreams of obtaining a home. Cathy has seen a tremendous amount of change in banking. She believes that Reliance Bank is still a community banking that cares about its customers and wants to treat them like they matter, because they do.

By keeping customers happy, they encourage others to come bank with Reliance!

Lending Offers A Way to Happiness

Cathy always likes being able to help the first-time homebuyers obtain their first home, and make it a reality even when they did not think it was possible. There have been many changes in the banking industry over the years, especially in lending. With all the new products out there, these make it easier for those that did not think it was possible to ever own a house. It is a great feeling to know you are contributing to someone’s happiness.

As one of the lenders of Reliance Bank, Cathy Igou is ready to assist our customers and help them achieve the possibility of obtaining the home of their dreams. With over four decades of successful customer service as a lending specialist, Cathy brings an outstanding amount of knowledge, experience, and satisfaction to the lending process at Reliance Bank. To take advantage of Cathy’s expertise, please give her a call today.