Connie L. Brown – Personal Banking Representative

Lakemont Location
401 S. Logan Boulevard
Altoona, PA 16602

Phone: Phone:1-814-296-2344
Fax: 1-814-942-7179

NMLS#: 730245

Get to Know More About Connie Brown:
Connie has 18 years of banking experience. She is committed to helping her customers find the best fit for their loan needs. Connie serves as Assistant Treasurer at her church.

I have had to deal with customers that had to close their checking account due to fraud. It is very stressful for the customer to deal with any direct deposits, auto withdrawals, outstanding checks and debit card availability. The customers are all relieved to sit down with me and using a history on the account make a list of all businesses that would need to be called. I have them bring me in phone numbers and we work together to call them to change the auto payments. We go through the history for any outstanding checks and, working with our Deposit Operations department, we are able to allow those checks to clear before closing the account. Just knowing that they are not in that situation alone helps to ease the process and make it painless. I find satisfaction in helping our customers during these trying times to get their accounts up and running smoothly again.

I am a people person. I like to help the young child opening their first savings account by giving out prizes for making a deposit. I like to help the young adult to establish their first checking account. I try to give them advice (my “mom” speech) on being responsible with it. I like to help the older generation when they are unsure of what to do and need someone at the bank that they feel they can trust. At any age, our customers should not feel like a number.

I have seen a larger trend in needing to help a customer whose debt is overwhelming to them. Credit cards are being used liberally resulting in high balances owed, which will also affect credit scores showing dependence on the cards. In many cases, we can consolidate their debt and make the payments much more manageable for them. I encourage them to set up a budget so they do not continue to spend unwisely and fall into more debt. I emphasize the importance of setting up a savings account to “pay themselves first.” This allows them to have funds available for emergencies instead of using credit cards. I give them suggestions to help raise their credit scores. This gives them hope knowing that there is a light at the end of the tunnel of debt.