Cory Tubo
Senior Vice President, Business Banker

1921 Pleasant Valley Boulevard
Altoona, PA 16602

Phone: 1-814-942-8863
Mobile: 1-814-381-4297
Fax: 1-814-296-2266


Get to Know More About Cory Tubo:

Cory Tubo has several years of experience in Corporate Banking. A native of Altoona, he graduated from Altoona Area High School and earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in finance from Mercyhurst University.

Bankers can remember their first big transaction…that ‘home-run feeling’ of closing the deal. One particularly memorable deal was highly complex, with some unusual collateral issues. Cory was able to put together a loan structure that made sense for the customer and for the bank.

“Being able to provide a solution to a customer’s need…[is] something I’ll take with me through my career,” he states. “Our customers, and our future customers, keep me driving into work every day.”

The financial services industry plays a vital role in the economy, providing capital and other resources to businesses and individuals to create jobs and invest in the local community. It really is full circle; we employ people from the community, we lend to people in our community, and we invest in people from our community. Serving the greater community through Reliance Bank is something Cory appreciates, and commercial banking services are recognized as essential.

The banking and finance industry has changed immensely over the past 8+ years. Cory’s entire career has been spent in the aftermath of the Great Recession. Change is constant, regulations are ever growing, and competition is fierce. But Reliance Bank is growing and thriving in this environment.

“We are here to serve the needs of the business community,” Cory stresses, “providing solutions and ideas to their every day problems so they can focus on growing their business.” For 75+ years Reliance has served Central PA, independently. This is one bank where you don’t need to worry what sign will be out front next week.