Darren Johnston
Senior Vice President, Business Banker

100 Hawbaker Industrial Drive
State College, PA 16803

Phone: 1-814-235-6469
Mobile: 1-814-574-4356
Fax: 1-814-237-1428

Email: djohnston@reliancebank.com

Get to Know More About Darren Johnston

Every business banker with Reliance Bank is highly educated and has an extensive history of experience focused on customer service. Darren has over 20 years of commercial banking expertise. An alumnus of Pennsylvania State University, who resides in the State College area, Darren has his Masters in Business Administration from Saint Francis University. He is an avid golfer in his spare time.

One of Darren’s most challenging experiences relates to a $12,000,000 project, in which Reliance Bank was the lead bank on two loans. We participated on these loans with four other banks. This particular lending project took over a year to put together and required many people in the bank for it to be approved, documented, and funded. This particular loan also required the guaranty of the United States Department of Agriculture’s Business and Industry program, which was the first time Reliance Bank ever used that program. It was both a challenging and rewarding loan to work on!

What Darren likes most about working at Reliance Bank is meeting so many quality people on the job, and being able to help them so they are happy with Reliance Bank. Darren considers himself a people person who has the ability to understand the numbers. Another part of what drives him to come to work each day is the opportunity to help others. Banks are well-run companies that are forward-thinking; for example, banks take a very active approach to deterring breaches of privacy and protecting customers from cyber crime. Knowing these types of instances happen very often, it is good to know we have thwarted a potential theft of our customer’s funds or their accounts from being compromised. This adds to the confidence our customers place in Reliance Bank, and the whole banking industry.

One aspect of the job that has changed over the past few years especially is the amount of steps, policies, and procedures added to complete a loan from start to finish. It seems every year there is some step added to the process that requires one more piece of paper or another notary stamp. Each of these steps adds to the complexity and duration of trying to get a loan done for the customer. One of the greater rewards we have as bankers is preparing the customer for all the changes and steps in the loan process. This reduces any unrealistic expectations.