eStatements in Central PA from Reliance Bank

eStatements from Reliance Bank are the better way to get your account statement, safely and securely. eStatements are electronic copies of your account statements that you can view, search, save, and print online.

eStatements with Reliance Bank Feature:

  • Fast – eStatements are available online days sooner than paper statements arrive by mail
  • Convenient – eStatements are archived for 18 months. No need to file away paper statements; we store them for you online
  • Secure – Access your eStatements using a secure account log in. eStatements are not sent by e-mail or by paper to an unsecure mailbox
  • Environmentally Friendly – eStatements save paper, ultimately saving trees

Join thousands of other customers who have already made the switch to save time, space, money, and trees!

How to Enroll in eStatements with Reliance Bank

You can enroll in eStatements by logging in to Online Banking and selecting eStatements from the menu or by clicking here. You receive an email when your eStatement is available to view, typically by the third business day after your cycle date.

Contact a Reliance Bank representative if you have any questions regarding our eStatement banking services or call Customer Service at 1-814-296-2350 during regular business hours.

eStatements are the Ecological Alternative for Caring Customers

Reliance Bank encourages customers who care to make an effort to be more ecological to make the switch to eStatements. eStatements offer customers online convenience and storage of monthly statements, where you can save paper and only print off copies when needed. eStatements also save resources and energy because they do not arrive with additional envelopes, postage, or human delivery.

Account Convenience with eStatements from Reliance Bank

eStatements give customers the convenience to view, search, save, and print monthly records. Take advantage of additional ability to have access to your important banking reports faster, on the go, and print just the ones you need. Using eStatements is fast and easy. eStatements offer online convenience and account security—no more shredding folders or piles of sensitive bank statements!