Marketing Assistant

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Reliance Bank is currently seeking a Part-Time (25 hours per week) Marketing Assistant to join our downtown Altoona, PA, office team!

The Marketing Assistant works under the supervision of the bank’s Marketing Manager and is responsible for performing a variety of marketing and public relations duties: marketing support (50%); general office administration (25%); public relations assistance (15%); advertising/promotion/publication assistance (10%).

The Marketing Assistant is also responsible for performing administrative duties to support the marketing function; achieving goals as established in the Department’s annual operating plan; coordinating work within the department, as well as with other departments; complying with operating policies and procedures established for the marketing function; communicating with appropriate personnel; responding to inquiries or requests for information; maintaining appropriate records and providing assigned reports.

Essential Duties:

1. Assists with marketing administration; performs necessary administrative tasks associated with same.

2. Provides general administrative assistance for marketing department, including receiving guests, answering telephones, compilation of monthly reports and assistance with mail.

3. Performs market research and analysis using data sources such as MCIF, FDIC, FFIEC, etc.

4. Provides assistance/coordination for various marketing and public relationship functions and projects; purchases and inventories premiums and giveaways; receives, files, and follows up on all community donation requests; coordinates tours; plans and executes special events; assists with marketing campaigns and promotions.

5. Prepares/codes all marketing department bills and disbursements for approval and payment; prepares and balances monthly and year-to-date marketing budgets; assists in annual budget preparation.

6. Assists Marketing Manager with various advertising and publication projects, such as desktop publishing and media coordination.

7. Receives, coordinates and schedules requests from community service groups for lobby TVs and digital billboards.

8. Produces and distributes internal marketing communication such as Communicate This, Business eNewsletter, etc. Maintains up-to-date mailing lists for various communication.

9. Remains constantly aware of the bank’s sales culture and Core Expectations; actively makes sales referrals and encourages all segments of the market to use the family of financial services.

10. Performs other miscellaneous duties as assigned.

Ancillary Duties:

1. Performs tasks which are supportive in nature to the essential functions of the job, but which may be altered or re-designed depending upon individual circumstances.

2. Provides assistance and guidance for debit cards by reviewing reports monthly; and maintaining reports on debit card activity.

3. Takes the opportunity to promote Reliance Bank and its services when possible.

4. Exemplify through daily actions the concepts of BESPR: Build, Expand, & Service Profitable Relationships. Be aware in all situations the opportunities to provide excellent internal and external service while developing further opportunities to expand customer relationships. Provide lead referrals as available and be aware of requirements to improve the profitability of relationships. Provide assistance to the sales team as opportunities arise.

Required Education/Training: High school diploma or equivalent, plus advanced training in administrative assistance/business/computers or related field

Required Experience: Two or more years’ experience in the financial services industry preferred.

Required Skills: Proficient reading, writing, grammar and mathematics skills; ability to effectively communicate with individuals and groups of people through good interpersonal and written skills; proficient analytical skills; moderate typing/keyboarding skills; proficient interpersonal relations and communicative skills; proficient composition skills; proficient PC skills; strong knowledge of MS Office Suite (Word, Excel, Publisher); ability to gather accurate data and compile factual reports; familiarity with general banking and promotional activities; basic bookkeeping skills; knowledge of clerical principles; knowledge of basic public relations principles; ability to assist with advertising projects; excellent organizational skills; ability to conceive and implement creative ideas; ability to function well in a multiple-project, detail-oriented environment; a working knowledge of current and proposed bank regulations affecting the marketing function; visual and auditory skills; valid driver’s license; ability to bend, stand, sit, stoop, reach and lift items weighing 20 lbs or less.

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