Ken Schirling
Vice President, Business Banker

100 Hawbaker Industrial Drive
State College, PA 16803

Fax: 1-814-237-1428


Get to Know More About Ken Schirling:

Ken is a graduate from The Pennsylvania State University and has over 15 years of experience in the banking industry. He recently worked with a customer that was looking to start his own business. During the initial meetings, it was evident that the customer had a passion and knowledge of the industry, but needed some assistance in financing the project.

By working with the U.S. Small Business Administration, we were able to provide our customer with the capital that he needed to purchase a facility and make the necessary improvements to the location to support his operation. We are pleased to say that our customer’s business is now up and running and has been very well received by the community. It is extremely rewarding to be able to find a way to help our customers take their ideas and turn them into reality.

Ken has always had a strong understanding of money and finance. He became a banker because of his ambition to help and support those people who did not share that same strength. As a Business Banker, Ken works with customers of all shapes and sizes—from real estate investors, to large corporations, to local government units.

Each organization has a goal or need, which may vary from starting a new business, to expanding their operations, to simply ensuring they have adequate capital to manage their operations. Ken is able to work with customers on a consultative basis, to ensure they have access to the capital they need and the ability to manage their liquidity so that they can operate their business smoothly and generate wealth. In Ken’s opinion, “There is nothing more rewarding for a banker than seeing your customers achieve their goal.”

The banking industry has seen a number of changes in recent years. Many of these have resulted in longer processing times for our customers’ requests. As bankers, it is imperative that we operate with speed and focus to ensure their requests move through this process as quickly and efficiently as possible. By working with Reliance Bank, you will be working with experienced bankers who understand the market, the programs available, and what needs to be done in order to move your request completely, from application through closing.