Lindsey A. Riley
Cash Management Specialist

Lindsey Riley - Reliance Bank Business Banker

1254 Plank Road
Duncansville, PA 16635

Phone: Phone:1-814-944-7854
Mobile: Mobile:1-814-330-5066
Fax: 1-814-693-3756


Get to Know More About Lindsey Riley

Lindsey Riley is the first individual to complete the Management Training Program at Reliance Bank. The goal of this training program is to recruit and develop future leaders and managers willing and capable of building and servicing relationships within the community. An interesting fact, Lindsey was the captain of her High School basketball team and played at the State Championships at the Hershey Giant Center.

What I appreciate most about my job is the opportunity I have to work with highly skilled and motivated individuals. These persons have seen banking change, grow, and become more regulated, but continue to adapt to these changes and provide the highest levels of service. It is amazing to me the amount of knowledge I have gained in the short amount of time I have been in this industry just because of who I am surrounded by on a daily basis.

I was given the opportunity to work with a local business that needed funds while they awaited a grant from the state. The process was completed quickly for this customer, with the help of my supervisor, and we were able to obtain the entire relationship of the business. It was a great learning opportunity and provided me with the skills I need to complete more transactions like this in the future. The borrower was tremendous to work with, and our relationship has continued to grow.

The banking industry continues to help others by allowing people to achieve and obtain goals that may not have otherwise been possible. In my line of work, our ability to lend to small business owners provides them the capability to create and sustain long-term stability within their business. This also helps when change occurs. The best way to respond to change is to educate yourself with resources internally and externally.

The people, both customers and co-workers, are who keep me coming in to work every day. I have had multiple positions with Reliance Bank over the years, as part of the Management Training Program, Compliance Department, Mortgage/Consumer Lending, and Commercial Lending departments. I consider myself a people person. All it takes is that one customer who is truly grateful for your time, effort, and knowledge–that makes it all worthwhile.

As a representative of Reliance Bank, my first priority is that the customer’s expectations are defined clearly, so that we can work collaboratively to accomplish their goals. I recommend customers begin by contacting their prospective lender directly regarding their lending needs.