Meet the Lenders of Reliance Bank

The team of lenders at Reliance Bank stands ready to serve you. Reliance Bank offers great rates along with “one” convenience that can mean great savings to you. We invite you to contact our lending professionals at their neighborhood office, to discuss your lending needs and how Reliance Bank may assist you.
Together, we’ll find a way.

Rachelle Edmiston

State College Location
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Lisa Faretta

Altoona Location
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Kelly Felix

State College Location
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Scott Gottshall

Duncansville Location
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Cathy Igou

Tyrone Location
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Jack McDougal

Altoona Location
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Skip Reichert

State College Location
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The Lenders of Reliance Bank Maintain High Integrity

We are proud of the lenders of Reliance Bank, who maintain high integrity in each branch office where they serve. Our lenders are our greatest extension of community support and customer service, with the training and expertise to answer questions, and lend customers the assistance they need.

Our lending staff has the expertise to handle a variety of finance scenarios. We bring together the best in customer service to help everyone relate to the banking experience on a personalized level. We want every Reliance Bank customer to feel comfortable with their lender, so we hope you take a few moments to read more about the successful experiences each of our lenders has achieved during their banking tenure.