Mobile Deposit FAQS

What type of mobile device will work with Mobile Deposit?

Reliance Bank’s Mobile Deposit is available on iPhone 4, 4S, 5 and 6; and most Android models. The phone’s camera must have a resolution of 2 megapixels or higher.

How can I view the checks I have deposited and how long are they available to be viewed?

Deposited check images can be accessed through the Deposit History screen in the Mobile Banking app where they are encrypted and stored for 45 days.

What should I do with the check after I submit it for deposit using the Mobile Deposit service?

After you verify through Online or Mobile Banking that your deposit has been posted you should mark the check as Electronically Presented and store in a secure place for 30 days or until you receive your account statement. Then you should destroy the check by shredding.

How should I endorse the check I am depositing?

Please include the endorsement of all payees and include the words “For Reliance Bank Mobile Deposit Only” below your signature.

What should I do if I need additional help with Mobile Deposit?

If you need further assistance you can review the Mobile Deposit tutorial found on our website at, or please call us at 814/949-6255 and a member of our Deposit Operations Team will be happy to help you.

How secure is this service and will the check images be saved on my mobile device?

Mobile Deposit provides the following multi-layered security measures: Multi-factor authentication including, login credentials, device recognition, & geographic location recognition; encryption of locally stored data; and Secure Socket Layer (SSL) connection requirement. No check images are stored on the device.

What is Mobile Deposit?

Mobile Deposit allows you to take a picture of the front and back of your endorsed check with your camera-enabled smartphone. The image is then transmitted and deposited into your account. You will need to deposit each check separately.

Is there a fee for Mobile Deposit?

There is no fee for Mobile Deposit, however, normal messaging and data charges from your mobile carrier may apply.

How quickly will the deposit I make be available?

Deposits made by 4:00 pm EST on any business day will be available the next business day. You will be able to view the deposit through your Online Banking/Mobile Banking history the next business day as well. All deposits are subject to review and/or final approval by the Bank.

Is there a limit to the dollar amount that I can deposit using Mobile Deposit?

You may deposit up to $2,500 per day. Any amount attempted to deposit over this limit daily will be rejected at the time of deposit.

Can I deposit to any account?

Any checking account that is viewable on Mobile Banking is eligible.

How do I enroll for Mobile Deposit?

If you are enrolled in Reliance Bank’s Mobile Banking app, you are enrolled in Mobile Deposit. You will see the Deposit icon on your mobile screen within the Mobile Banking app. If you are not yet enrolled in Mobile Banking, you will need to download the RelianceBank app from the Google Play or iTunes store. If you are new to Online Banking, your Deposit icon may not appear until the next business day after you enroll in Online Banking and Mobile Banking.