Get the Mutual Advantage MMDA at Reliance Bank

This interest-bearing investment account is for customers who maintain a higher balance, write only a few checks, and feel more at ease knowing their interest is tied to a specific index. To open a Mutual Advantage MMDA, all you need is a personal checking account to qualify!

This Beneficial, Mutual Advantage MMDA Account Features:

*$10 monthly service fee is applied if the account does not maintain a minimum balance of $5,000.
**Your mobile carrier may charge for Internet access and/or text messages. Message and data rates may apply.

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The Reliable Way to Earn Interest – Mutual Advantage MMDA

The Mutual Advantage MMDA is an outstanding way for customers who have the reserves and who wish to take advantage of a way to put their money to work bearing interest from investing in a secure index. Reliance Bank’s Mutual Advantage MMDA account provides a reliable way to earn interest that can accrue steadily, giving your higher balance the consideration it deserves. When you want your money to bring a sense of achievement, Mutual Advantage MMDA may just be the account you have been looking for. Speak with one of our personal banking representatives today to find out more about how it is to our ‘mutual advantage’ to open a Mutual Advantage MMDA account with Reliance Bank.