New Services for Check Card Customers

Beginning October 1, 2017, we will be offering two new services to our check card customers: Fraud Alerts and Visa® Account Updater. Continue reading to learn more about each of these new features.



Beginning October 1, 2017, if there is suspected fraud on your Reliance Bank Check Card, you will receive a text message* at the mobile phone number we have on file for you. The text message will present you with three options:

  1. Reply YES to confirm your enrollment in this service
  2. Reply HELP to be directed to the Fraud Prevention Call Center.
  3. Reply STOP to cancel future text message Fraud Alerts.

*Your mobile carrier may charge for internet access and/or text messages. Message and data rates may apply.


Do you use your Reliance Bank Visa® Check Card to pay a bill automatically? If you do, then beginning October 1, 2017, Visa® Account Updater will automatically update your card information with the merchant when there is a change, such as a new expiration date. The service is designed to save you from having to manually update your card information with the merchant.

Will this automatically work for all the merchants with whom I do business?

This is up to each individual merchant, as they have to sign up with Visa® to participate in the service. Check with your merchant to learn if they participate in the service or review any disclosures that they provide in their terms and conditions.

What are the benefits?

Your information is updated for you, so you experience uninterrupted service from participating merchants and avoid having your payment declined. You get to skip the hassle of re-submitting or re-entering your payment information every time you get a new Visa® Check Card.

How do I Opt Out of Account Updater?

You may choose to Opt Out of this service if you don’t want the automatic updates and prefer to manage your changes on your own. In that case, please contact Customer Service at (814) 949-6255 or You may also visit any branch and ask a member of our staff to help you Opt Out.