Our Mission and Promise to All We Serve

Our Mission at Reliance Bank

Today, more than ever, a person’s or company’s decision regarding financial resources truly makes a difference.

Reliance Bank is uniquely positioned to provide its customers (individuals and businesses) with a special brand of banking while being an active corporate citizen in the communities we serve.

Together we’ll find a way. It’s more than just a slogan… It’s a heartfelt expression of the promise we make to all we serve.

-Dennis E. Doll, President, CEO

The CEO’s Mission is Our Own…and It is Special

Reliance Bank is united with the mission of our Chief Executive Officer, and we align our actions with the purpose of providing a special brand of banking in the communities we serve. In addition to providing excellence in banking to customers throughout the region, Reliance Bank is also positioned to deliver outstanding service and support to the community and commonwealth at large.

Our caring, professional bankers, lenders, support staff, and executives all make it an effort to be involved members of the community. We bring together alliances with other businesses for our customers to experience a full range of banking, lending, insurance, and investment services. We work together with you to find a way to help you achieve and succeed.

Many of our experienced banking professionals are active in the community, and maintain relationships with a number of organizations. We are your friends and neighbors, and we know the realities many of our personal and commercial banking customers face every day. This enables Reliance Bank to have a unique perspective on what it takes to serve the community effectively.

The mission of Reliance Bank reflects the promise of quality financial services, ease of selection, interfacing with the latest technology, secure transactions, and caring staff that know the importance of service to our customers. Bringing all of this together to make banking sense for you and your family is what motivates us to continue to strive for excellence. Together, Reliance Bank will meet and exceed our mission in providing a truly special banking experience.