Popmoney with Reliance Bank is the Secure and Fast Solution

Are you looking for a more efficient, secure, and fast way to send a payment? Perhaps you are looking for an alternative way to transfer funds that gives you added mobility as well as security? Reliance Bank has a solution for you:


Popmoney is a person-to-person payment service that is connected to your online bank account, which makes paying, receiving, and requesting funds as easy as sending a text message or email. Need to pay the babysitter? Owe your friend for concert tickets or splitting a check? No matter what the reason, Popmoney provides a secure way to pay or receive money from anyone, anytime, – anywhere.

It is easy to send a Popmoney payment

  • Login to Online Banking > BillPay > Select Popmoney > Enter the recipients email address or mobile phone number as well as the payment amount. And you are done! It cannot get much easier to send the funds you need, when you need to do it. Count on the added convenience of Popmoney when you need to handle payments to just about anyone.

Receive a Popmoney payment securely

  • When you receive a payment, you will receive an email or text message alerting you – that is it! Funds will be directly applied to your account. The added convenience of having Popmoney receive funds for you also means an added layer of security when you need it!

Request a payment using Popmoney

  • You can use Popmoney to request money for club dues, your sports team, or a group vacation. If you operate a small business, Popmoney can be an ideal solution for paying vendors and receiving payments from customers. Reliance Bank is your neighborhood Popmoney connection; so if you have any questions about using this service, just give us a call at: 1-800-570-0876, or contact us online!

Popmoney Payment Options:

  • Send Money (per transaction) – $0.50
  • Instant Payment (per transaction) – $3.00
  • Request Money (per transaction)
    • $1.00 – $249.99:    $0.65
    • $250 – $999.99:    $0.75
    • $1,000+:    $1.50

Next Steps: Getting Started with Popmoney

Start sending/receiving/requesting money through Popmoney today by logging in to Online Banking.

Contact a Reliance Bank representative if you have any questions regarding our Popmoney banking services, or call Customer Service at 1-814-949-6255 during regular business hours.

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