Remote Deposit Capture with Reliance Bank

As a business owner, we understand that you are constantly on the go and it may be difficult sometimes to make it to a branch location. Reliance Bank continuously searches for ways to provide you and your business with efficient banking solutions. By using Remote Deposit Capture, you have the capability to deposit checks into your account securely and directly without leaving your office.

Remote Deposit Capture with Reliance Bank Features:

  • Save time and money – no more bank runs
  • Make deposits anytime
  • Ability to consolidate banking activity for multiple locations to a single account
  • Scanning technology for greater processing efficiency

How to Enroll with Remote Deposit Capture at Reliance Bank

Enroll today with one of our expert Cash Management Specialists, Deb Leberfinger or Lindsey Riley, at or by calling calling 1-814-296-2350.

Help Eliminate Deposit Risk with Remote Deposit Capture

Remote Deposit Capture from Reliance Bank is how businesses help eliminate deposit risks. If you have ever wondered how many of the area’s businesses manage bank deposits today, Remote Deposit Capture may be the key. Through the use of scanning technology, businesses large and small can ensure their deposits are made timely and with less risk. Eliminate the worries of dropping off and possible theft by using Remote Deposit Capture.

Scanning Technology is the Key to Remote Deposits

If your business is new to some of the more recent advancements in banking today, let the experts at Reliance Bank give you the information you need. By using technology, such as scanners, your business is empowered to handle deposits and track incoming payments with greater accuracy and ease. This can be especially helpful when you have more than one service point or numerous branches of operation open for public payments. Scanning technology is the key feature that enables businesses to process deposits remotely, ensuring greater accuracy.

Remote Deposit Capture Offers Convenience

If your company has multiple locations and extended operating hours, traditional bank deposits may no longer be sufficient. Remote Deposit Capture offers businesses the ability to have incoming funds scanned and tracked for deposit to one account, even with multiple locations. Remote Deposit Capture means no more running to the bank to deposit money before it closes, or depositing funds very late at night when it may be unsafe. Ensure your deposit tracking while providing the added convenience with Remote Deposit Capture today!