Do You Need to Reorder Checks? Reliance Bank Makes It Easy!

It is now more convenient than ever to be able to re-order your checks with a few clicks of your mouse.

Reordering Checks with Reliance Bank is Convenient!

Reordering checks is one of the ways Reliance Bank enjoys making life a little easier for our customers. Using our convenient, online link with Deluxe Corp., customers may order personal checks that suit their individual needs. Our partnership with them gives customers the opportunity of a wide choice of checks, with various styles and features they will appreciate:

Personal Products

  • Checks
  • Covers
  • Deposit Tickets
  • Accessories
  • Name and Address Stamps
Check Enhancements

  • Symbols
  • Monograms
  • Messages
  • Background Images
Home Office / Desk Books

  • Desk Books
  • Desk Book Covers
  • Accessories

Convenience for Your Checking Account and Banking Needs

Reliance Bank recognizes that every customer’s checking account is as unique as they are. Each of us has a particular comfort level when it comes to how we do our banking. Some may choose to set an automatic payment withdrawal from their account and not have to worry about going through the process of checks. Many customers still prefer the hands-on way of filling out checks and managing their personal accounts. So, Reliance Bank makes it as convenient as possible for customers who choose a more tactile approach to banking.

Deluxe Features Offer the Personalized Choice Customers Want Most

Deluxe offers a number of features and designs that offer the personalized choice customers want most. Far from being ‘old fashioned,’ as you can see from the Deluxe selection, you have the option of ordering items that enhance your check writing experience—everything from extra deposit tickets to name and address stamps. We invite you to peruse the Deluxe website to see what you might be missing. If it has been a while since you thought about checks, discover how you can make checks fun and fresh. Together, we find a way to make it convenient!