Risk-Free Savings & Money Market Accounts

Reliance Bank features several types of savings plans that help you make the most of your money and are risk-free. Whether you are starting out saving for the first time or already have an account with a higher balance and are looking to invest your savings, we can work together to help!

Statement Savings at Reliance Bank

Statement Savings

This account is designed to help you save money for future use.

Money Market Deposit Accounts at Reliance Bank

Money Market Deposit Account

This interest-bearing investment account is for customers who maintain a higher balance and write only a few checks.

Young Saver Accounts at Reliance Bank

Young Saver Account

Start teaching the value of saving while they are young! Perfect for ages up to 17.

Club Accounts at Reliance Bank

Club Account

You can plan ahead for a special purpose with this savings plan that disburses your funds annually.

As you can see, Reliance Bank offers a number of risk-free ways to help you save, grow your savings, and help plan for the future. It is this very forward thinking that helps customers achieve success with their personal savings accounts, at every stage of life. Reliance is your neighborhood bank, serving the region with the best in savings accounts.