Scott A. Gottshall –
Assistant Vice President, Personal Banker

Scott Gottshall - Assistant Vice President & Personal Banker at Reliance Bank

Duncansville Location
1254 Plank Road
Duncansville, PA 16635

Phone: Phone:1-814-944-5490
Mobile: Mobile:1-814-934-3703
Fax: 1-814-693-3756

NMLS#: 143870

Personal Banker, Scott Gottshall, Specializes in:

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Scott has 26 years of experience in banking and the lending industry. He is the President of the Blair/Bedford Builders Association and an active board member of the Altoona Kiwanis Club. Scott also is a 2014 Graduate of Leadership Blair County.

Throughout my 28 years of experience in the finance, banking, and lending industry, I have had several positions—from being in the collection department, a branch manager, an underwriter, a processor, a regional sales manager, to now a residential personal banker with Reliance Bank. In all positions, I have encountered several rewarding experience with both customers and employees. From collecting a debt, managing a group of employees, making a loan, or turning down a loan, I have always done so in a manner in which I am trying to help the person. Even in the situation of turning down a loan, as crazy as this sounds, this can be done in a positive way by offering solutions and eventually having a positive outcome.

I have had several situations in which a customer does not qualify for a loan and is denied, but I offer solutions and counseling on how to better their situation and work toward getting their finances in order. It is a great feeling when a customer listens to the advice I have given and comes back to me a few months later and we are able to help them.

I have two very satisfying experiences that come to mind where I was able to help a borrower in a difficult situation:

The first involved a mother of three that recently went through a bad divorce and was in jeopardy of losing her family homestead. I worked with underwriting and we were able to refinance her home, remove her ex-husband, and put her in a good position. I cannot express how thankful she was for what we did for her. This was a great feeling for me.

The second experience that comes to mind was a situation where a husband and wife were stuck in a very high interest rate mortgage and were having a tough time making it. No other bank was willing to give them a chance. This was a family of four, and the husband was on permanent disability due to an injury. We structured a loan and got this family back on track. They stop by our branch weekly, as we have all of their accounts now. She often bakes cookies, brings in fruit, etc., for the office (not a requirement!). She has given my name to so many others and thinks Reliance Bank is the BEST…a very rewarding experience, for all involved.