Harold E. Reichert
Vice President, Personal Banker

Skip Reichert - Personal Banker at Reliance Bank

State College Location
100 Hawbaker Industrial Drive
State College, PA 16803

Phone: Phone:1-814-235-6468
Mobile: Mobile:1-814-360-2416
Fax: 1-814-237-1428

Email: hreichert@reliancebank.com
NMLS#: 730255

Personal Banker, Skip Reichert, Specializes in:

Get to Know More About Skip Reichert

Skip has 30 years experience in the home loan arena. He proudly serves his customers with outstanding customer service.

We are presented with challenges from our customers every day, so we work hard to make things work so they can achieve a dream they have. We are always putting on our thinking caps to come up with something new to make it happen for our clients. It is a thrill to help someone buy their first home, fix a financial issue, finally live in the house of their dreams, or just make life a little better by listening and working with them.

“Over the 19 years I have spent here at Reliance Bank, I have made great and lasting friendships with people that walk in my door,” Skip says. Relationships have been created, bonds made, trust earned and trust given, and these are lifelong. He has had customers pass away and been left to assist the spouse get his or her life back in order. This comes from trust and a sincere concern for their wellbeing.

“A long-time customer that followed me from a previous employer 19 years ago as I started at Reliance Bank passed away suddenly,” Skip describes. “His wife was lost, but she trusted me and the bank to guide her through it all. She told me, ‘Bill would want me to listen to you and take your advice.’ There is NOTHING in this world that makes you understand the impact you have on someone else’s life when you here this kind of remark.”

It matters in what we do and how we do it. We are a part of the fabric of our customers lives, and we must be ready to be there for them. They are here for us everyday by coming back to us for their financial needs.

The best part of this job is the interaction with customers. It is a pleasure to meet people and find a solution to get them in the house they would love to own. Every day presents a new opportunity to do for others—to find a way to make it work so they can realize the dream of owning a home for the first time, or at getting to move into the dream house they had been searching for. We find ways to help make dreams and reality become one and the same.

The changes in the banking industry over the years have been mindboggling, with the new rules and guidelines geared to “aid” customers and protect them. To stay abreast of these revisions, Reliance Bank puts time and energy into training and education to make sure that we provide the best service and advice to those that entrust to us with the funding of their new home. Life evolves and we must also.

Reliance Bank truly dedicates itself to the ideal of our motto, “Together we’ll find a way.”

“I take this tag line very seriously,” Skip states, “and strive to make the Reliance experience a rewarding one for those who choose us to help them.” The great thing about Reliance Bank is that all employees wear multiple hats and must be able to help our customers with a wide variety of questions and needs. Being our customers is an advantage—they get our service and us. We take the worry out of banking!