Government Banking

We’re proud to offer our banking services to municipal governments, authorities, and school districts in the communities we serve. With a range of term options, we can help create a Government Loan that’s tailored to your needs. We also provide a suite of banking options that are perfectly matched for governmental needs.

Business Loans and Lines of Credit options

Tax and Revenue Anticipation Notes
Capital Note Borrowings
Municipal Authority Loans

Government Banking options

Public Funds Checking accounts
Government Savings accounts
Certificates of Deposit accounts


These are short-term, tax-exempt loans designed to cover current expenses. Tax and Revenue Anticipation Notes are meant to be repaid with future taxes.

Capital Note Borrowings are tax-exempt loans for financing equipment, real estate, and other capital needs. They offer repayment terms up to 20 years.

These loans are tax-exempt lines of credit and long-term loans that are created to meet the needs of municipal authorities.

This account includes unlimited check writing ability, along with interest earnings and collateralization of public funds. Public Funds Checking accounts are ideal for governmental checking needs of all sizes.

Government Savings accounts offer higher interest rates and collateralization, allowing municipal governments to take advantage of interest earnings for any excess funds.

This is a fully collateralized savings account with terms that range from 90 days to five years. This allows government depositors to earn more thanks to a higher fixed interest rate over a term that meets your needs.

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