Security for Personal and Financial Information

Reliance Bank is committed to keeping your personal and financial information secure. We know that security and confidentiality are significant issues facing Online Banking, and we take all of the necessary measures to ensure the safety of our customers’ information. Whether you are conducting your banking on a desktop or mobile device, these simple online security precautions should be followed.

Phishing – Helpful Ways to Protect Your Data

Protect yourself against phishing with these helpful tips. Reliance Bank is committed to safeguarding our customer’s financial information. Protecting against data, financial, and identity theft is everyone’s responsibility online. Learn what more you can do to protect yourself and your important personal data from counterfeit websites that appear real.

How Do You Know if It Is Phishing?

You may have heard about online scams or phishing, where a person receives an email to their regular inbox or spam inbox that looks like something official. Often, these “phishers” do a very realistic job to make their communication look genuine, but it is not. How do you know if it is some piece of malicious email, or phishing?

Just as you might not wish to open a random link on the Internet from someone you do not know, phishing emails can be rather tricky or ‘fishy’ in their structure. The address where the message is from could say the name of a bank, company, or even government agency or office. However, when you place or hover your cursor over it, a completely different “from” address appears.

Phishing emails can even have realistic logos, colors, text, or other visual elements that may look like the real thing, but they are not. The receiver of a phishing email may not be able to discern much of a difference because the perpetrators use the best version of a real email that they can find. They may even go so far as to scan another mail message or email and change certain wording to give it a real appearance.

Data Security – Steps You Can Take at Home

Our page on Phishing contains some helpful suggestions for protecting your data at home. To avoid becoming the victim of identity theft or possibly losing other personal or financial data Reliance Bank recommends that every customer do their part to protect sensitive data. Customers may also want to consider additional levels of data security and other ways of ensuring your home records are protected in the case of a disaster, such as a natural disaster, fire, or theft.