Smart Saving with the Club Account at Reliance Bank

Planning ahead for special occasions can be a challenge. Together, we can help you get there! With this savings plan, you can disburse your funds annually for the Holidays or for Vacations.

Plan Ahead With These Great Features:

  • $2 Minimum deposit to open
  • $50 minimum balance to earn APY
  • Unlimited deposits, anytime and in any amount
  • Option to automatically disburse into another Reliance Bank Account
  • Competitive Rates and Fees

Money cannot be withdrawn early without penalty.

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Are You Part of the Club?

The Club Account with Reliance Bank offers many great features along with some of the best ways to target your savings to meet specific, short-term goals. When you know you need a certain amount for a holiday spending spree, or know you will need funds for a special occasion, trip, or vacation, a Club Account can get you there:

Christmas Club accounts mature the first weekend after October 3 each year, while Vacation Club accounts mature the first weekend after April 3 each year. Terms for each vary depending on when the account was opened, and there are penalties for early withdrawal.

The Club Account Can Earn Interest

Knowing you want to stash away a little money can be a great experience today. The Club Account is a great way to prove to yourself that it does not take much to get started. Add to the Club Account savings over time with unlimited deposits that can be made in any amount. Once you make your final payment, transfer the funds to another account, such as your personal checking, to cover your expenses conveniently.